Elevation Calibration


How to calibrate elevations? The redline is from a Reach RS2 Rover with a fixed connection via LoRa to a Average Single base station. The blue line is the asbuilts. How do I make an adjustment or calibration with the equipment rather then post processing the data with the difference from field measurements

You place your base on a known point on the building site, and go from there.

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What Christian said.

And if not possible, once you determined the height difference that should be applied on the field, you can switch your base coordinates from average single to manual and input the same latitude and longitude values, but update the height to match the profile.
Manual latitude = average single latitude
Manual longitude = average single longitude
Manual height = average single height + correction

Another option is to use Base Shift function in Emlid Flow to calibrate height on a point with known height.

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Do not have a known point

As I understood it, you want the heights reported in Emlid Flow to match the heights from an existing asbuilt?

Ideally - want to confirm elevations are correct during a survey.

I have built structures onsite now which I will go check as built heights in Emlid Flow to match

In that case I suggest establishing a benchmark somewhere on the property by recording a static session with an RS2 and processing it with OPUS. You will be able to calibrate your rover in this benchmark and check the heights.

Just wanted to add that you should observe the point from 4 to 6 hours to get a good elevation within a few cm’s or mm’s.

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