Electronic schematics and mechanical dimensions


I’m considering buying a navio+ board for a self-made delta wing.

My concerns are I can’t find:

so I’d really like an update version.

Could it be possible to have the overall dimensions of the board and the position of each connectors (servos, power, I2C, …)?
Front, side and top photos with a rule would be enough for me.

thanks you by advance


Navio+ is compatible with Navio connection map except for power module connector. Sensors are connected to the same pins on Raspberry Pi. Thank you for noticing lack of this, we will update connection map for Navio+.

Pins for servos are positioned vertically, right angle connector does not fit under the board unless extender is used for connection to Raspberry Pi, we wanted to avoid that. If you like you can desolder the default connector.

Size of the board is 55x65mm and here are some top photos. It complies with HAT standard, which sets the dimensions.

Thanks for your quick response.

What about right angle connector on top?
Because desoldering is too often destructive for this kind of connectors (too much pins).
Or a board with the connector unsoldered?

I didn’t know the HAT standard imposes a maximum height, I will check.
But a side photo with servos and GPS connected would be really nice.

We make Navio+ in large batches with connectors already soldered, so unfortunately we are not able to supply it without connectors. If you desolder it pin by pin and use solder wick it is actually achievable, connector will be damaged but you want to replace it anyway.

HAT does not state maximum height, I only mentioned it for the board outline. I can make a side photo for you tomorrow.