EKF Filtered parameters


I’m new here and I’d like to know where I can find the post processed variables from the code. I’m a little bit lost in the code. I found some declarations of void Log_Write_GPS(uint8_t instance); void Log_Write_IMU(); but I can’t find the code of these functions. I need filtered values of acceleration, x position, y position, altitute e etc.

Thank you.

It’s documented here:


And full parameter details here:


The official log documentation redirects back to the above links for EKF as it is a complex subject:


On the same subject, I noticed via GitHub subscription that there is currently issue/feature/pull request being worked on which will provide clear and simple EKF status for various sensors, directly visible on the HUD and “quick” status panel. Maybe you can find that and get hold of a daily build when it’s implemented, to diagnose your EKF problems easier in the future.

Thank you CodeChief! I’ll take a look on it right now!