EKF and crash

Hello everyone.

I am attaching my flight log for the day.

I was playing around with tuning in Qgroundcontroll Andoird app. Drone flew perfect in POS hold mode. I brought the drone in to land. I let it hover a little in Pos hold mode about 2 meters off the ground. It all of a sudden flipped on its head while still in the air by doing a right roll and crashed. I see there are 2 EKF error messages.

Can any one have a look and help me figure out what went wrong ?

log_21_2017-7-9-12-07-13.bin (748.0 KB)

mechanical failure as noted by uncommanded excessive roll , your motor2 or ESC looks like failed , very obvious. The red line is commanded roll , the green line is actual roll, way off each other and also RCOUT indicated motor2 is max PWM

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Thank you Iriol

I wonder.

Could this also be because of a lose propeller?

yes it can

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