EFK filtering system issue on the new image

@alexey.bulatov I did the update but there are some problem with the EFK filtering system.

In Mission planner there are many error lke this:

  • AHRS not healthy (if i disable the EF_enable option this error disappear but is not a good solution)
  • EF core is missed

These errors are in the preARM control conditions so now it is no longer possible to fly the drone.

Hi Marco,

Could you please run the AHRS example from our docs and share the screenshot with the result? Also, hardware setup photos might help us to eliminate the hardware-related issues.

@artem.fomenko Thanks for your reply.

AHRS Script work well like with mpu sensor or lsm sensor

But this is the result through Mission Planner


This is my actually HD configuration

Hi Marco,

Thank you for the photos.

I’ve noticed that the barometer is not covered with foam. I recommend doing it as advised in this guide.

Also, could you elaborate on the conditions where you perform your calibration? With that, we can understand what might be the reason for the errors you have.