Editing project coordinate system in Emlid Flow 360

Hi everyone!

Now, you can easily change the coordinate system of an existing project in Emlid Flow 360. This means that if you specified the wrong coordinate system, you can replace it with the required one. Emlid Flow 360 will recalculate all existing points, and new points will be collected in the new coordinate system. This also means you can use this option as a coordinate system converter. The feature is available in both Free and Survey plans.

To change the coordinate system, do as follows:

  1. Access your project in Emlid Flow 360 and click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Coordinate system cell and edit it.

The same applies to custom coordinate systems. One can easily make a mistake—parameters are usually long numbers. Previously, you had to re-create the system to fix it. Now, you can edit it in Emlid Flow 360 too.

Learn more about project coordinate system setup in our Docs.


Amazing and scary at the same time! Can you put a lock on it that requires verification before changing? I would hate to see someone less experienced in datums inadvertently change this and get my points back in Ding Dong, Texas (yes it exists) when I am in Austin.


This sounds great.
Would be nice to be able to edit the localization points in Emlid Flow 360 aswell.

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It would be easier and more trustworthy to re-localize. I would have to see it and do extensive testing that you could transform a localization inside of a CRS transformation.


En la opción crear un nuevo sistema de coordenadas no permite añadir el HUSO y la zona NORTE o SUR. Esto es necesario para crear un Sistema de coordenadas personalizado.

Hi Michael, Thank you for the feedback. I am passing this on to the team as a feature request. We don’t have it on plan now, but we’ll get back to you when we have any updates.

Just noticed this new feature yesterday when it came in handy, thanks!


Translated from Spanish: The option to create a new coordinate system does not allow you to add the ZONE and the NORTH or SOUTH zone. This is required to create a custom Coordinate System. Thank you.

Hi @infoaer3d, Welcome to the community! For the general threads, we just post and reply using English. We do have Spanish threads here.

Could you let me know which coordinate system you want to use?