Edit Project name

Is it correct that a project name can no longer be edited?
So, if you have made a mistake when creating the project, the name can no longer be changed?


Hi @Boess_Infra,

Yes, you’re right. At the moment, it’s not possible to change the name after the project has been created. Alternatively, you can always create a new one if needed.

I suppose that is a good note. We may consider changing it if it makes it difficult for your surveys.


Yes please. Sometimes we have to hit projects before they ever get a job number so it would be nice to change it on the fly. Honestly though we can just create a new job, export the points and import them back into the new project.

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Hi guys,

Good news for you! We’ve just released ReachView 3 6.14 :tada: You can now edit the name and description of existing survey projects in ReachView 3! It’d be great if you could share your feedback with us.




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