Edit point field ReachView 3

The point description edit field in Reachview in the Android version is very large.

The keyboard hides it being very annoying.

In the IOS version it is displayed correctly.

They may make the fix in future updates.

See the capture images of both devices.

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I looked over the data you sent and tried to reproduce the issue on Android in ReachView 3 v 6.14 but failed. Please specify which phone model and ReachView 3 version you are using, as this may help us understand what’s wrong.

Hi @elena.riazanova,

I fixed it in keyboard settings by setting the size to the minimum. By default it was at the maximum size that prevents the field from being displayed correctly.


Oh, thanks for sharing that with us! It was easier to solve than I thought it would be. I believe your finding may help other users if they face the similar issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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