Edge Wi-Fi RSSI


Is it possible to get the AWUS036ACH (Alfa Device datalink) RSSI information displayed in the QGroundControl?

I know there is a failsafe related to it:

However the “medium” and “low” values are hidden, at the moment I am not even receiving RSSI information.

Hi Gabriel,

Sorry for the delay!

It should be possible to set up the Wi-Fi RSSI failsafe with the Edge’s Wi-Fi module. However, this feature is available on the latest firmware for the Edge v1.5 only. Could you please check if your firmware is updated?

Hello Poliane,

Thanks for the reply, but this does not answer my doubts.

My Edge is running v1.5 firmware. As I said before, I do see the RSSI failsafe feature. However I did not see any RSSI indication on the QGroundControl screen, also I do not know if it is recorded on the logs (both on .bin via QGC and .tlog via Edge itself, and of course how to read this data, live or after flight). Consequently, “medium” and “low” values at the failsafe setup means nothing, as I don’t know the real numerical value.

Hi Gabriel,

We’re currently checking what could be the issue here. I’ll be in touch once there’s news.

This issue is further described in the following thread: