Edge Stability problem

I’m using an Edge on a DYS D800 Octa-quad with a DX-8 remote and the platform goes hard over to the left via the remote and auto launch. It will not correct to the right even with full input on the remote. Has anyone had this problem? I’m having a similar problem on an identical platform with a Navio2, but not as drastic. That platform is more responsive to inputs from the remote but still can’t be corrected. Thanks for the help in advance!


I fly an OctoQuadX (10lbs) with 15" props and Navio2. I also have an Y6 (8lbs) with 15" props and Edge.

Both are OK with Yaw control.

Can you share flight log (.bin) for Edge and Navio2.


Two questions and I’ll lead in with I am very new to Lunix. I can navigate around the RPI3/Navio2 ok-ish but I thought (bin) was a listing of my commands available so where should I be looking for a (.bin)? Second would be how do I get under the hood on the Edge? You might be wondering why someone with little Lunix be fooling with either Navio2 or Edge, well it got handed to me at work alone with this Octa-quad and this DX-8 remote and was told have fun figuring it out.


No need to to deep.

For Navio2 there is a menu in Mission Planner to download the Log.


When done, you can find it in your computer (Windows) in the User/documents/missionplanners/logs folder

With Edge, you go there:

On your windows computer, log will be in documents/QGroundControl/Logs if you choose this folder to save your log.

To review Edge logs, you can use Mission Planner - Dataflash Logs “Review a Log” menu.


OK, I figured that originally and had checked both but neither folder had anything in it so I assumed since you referred them as a .bin they were in the file tree. Thank you for your help.

Hello @chewwie235

Did you do the radio calibration and Level Horizon calibration exactly?

Yes multiple times.

Hello @chewwie235
You may need to check the trim-sub trim values.
on both dx8 and parameter list.
If this is not enough, weight balance may be affecting, but the PID value is already keeping the quad balanced

Has anyone seen compatibility issues with certain ESCs and Edge/Navio2 flight controllers? I have used 2 Navio2s, an Edge, and 2 separate DX-8 remotes and the Airframe refuses to fly stable. I did find in a couple forums that not all ESCs are compatibility with all flight controllers.

Hi @chewwie235,

Sorry for the delayed response!

How is it going?

Here are some general steps I’d recommend to do once again:

  1. Please make sure you connected ESC correctly;
  2. Try to return all settings to default;
  3. Repeat all calibration again;
  4. Try to make a test flight, and please share a video of the flight and Edge log.

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