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Edge red led

(Jhon Muscalu) #1

I have an edge drone controller on a plane. I never flew with the airplane,
I am still working on it.Edge is new. Today, when I conected the batery I had an error
on the controller. Red light is flasing. It is not red solid. Led status ( https://docs.emlid.com/edge/led-status/ ) say that is a problemwith Gyros Initialiazation. Any ideas? what to do? everything is stoped.
Thank you for the help

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @jhonmuscalu,

Could you please share your hardware setup photos?

(Jhon Muscalu) #4

Yes Tatiana.

The red led is not solid

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5


Have you already gone through Edge Quickstart video tutorial?

(Jhon Muscalu) #6

ofcourse. everything worked fine untill…now. if i change the frame in qgc, let say quad, i dont have the red led. when change back to fix wing again the same problem. i have an error log, something like 201902206-131724.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #7


Did you change anything in settings?
Did you accomplish all the calibrations?

(Jhon Muscalu) #8

I did the calibrations before the problem. I try to do again now and have this.

If I change the air frame it seems to be ok. If the frame is hexa all the calibration was succesfuly. Back
on fixed wing, error is again.

(Jhon Muscalu) #9

what about this parameter? Can I load it from somewhere?

(Jhon Muscalu) #10

I reinstaled the firmware, but no luck. The controller works fine in multirotor mode and when is change in fixed wing everything is blocked. Is there a way to do a factory reset and then reinstall the firmware?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #11

Hi @jhonmuscalu,

What’s your Edge version? You can find it in QGC, just click the button I marked with red on the screenshot below. Edge version should be specified in the first string:

Please also provide me with the version of QGC you use.


(Marc Lebret) #12


You can do that with Etcher,


(Jhon Muscalu) #13

That is a PrtSc

(Jhon Muscalu) #14

Hi Marc.
I installed Etcher. It worked very well. I flasht once again the firmware but the rezult is the same.
How can i do the factory reset? It is necesary to flash a lower version than 1.5 of the firemware?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #15

Hi @jhonmuscalu,

May I ask you to reset all settings to default in QGC? You can find this option in Parameters/Tools:

Please inform us about the result.

(Jhon Muscalu) #16

I tried everything (reset all settings to default, reinstall the firmware, etc). But the ideea Marc gived to me still was in my head.
So, after i installed all necesary to run Etcher i flashed the firmware once again and again no luck.The contoller worked fine in multirotor mode and when i swiched back to fixed wing, error again. I needed a factory reset. So i download an image from net (I could have created it but was simple to download) and flashed it with Etcher. After finishing flashing the unknown image, imidiatly i flashed the image with our firmware. And now everything is ok.