Edge QGround Control motor breakdown

In QGround Control should motors A-H correspond to engine 1-8 in sequence. To me, they should, but for some reason on my Octaquad X-frame they do not.

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Please take a look at motor order diagrams in ardupilot docs.

Thank you. I have used that reference and the physical frame is setup that way. My question pertains to the motor function in QGroundControl, specifically when you run up each motor A-H individually. Should A = 1, B = 2, etc.? Because in my case they do not.

A=1, B=6, C=4, D=7, E=3, F=8, G=2, H=5…

CW From Front Right Up then Down,…


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Marc thanks for the response. That is how mine is functioning. Just didn’t many since that it would be that way.

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