Edge power module displays incorrect Voltage

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I am configuring my edge fc and i seem to have a problem with the power module (connected to pw1 port)… it reads incorrect voltage… I use QgroundControl tuned for edge but there is no option to calibrate the power module… so i calibrated the power module in mission planner but when i switched back to QgroundControl the selected power module changes from edge pwr1 to other…


There is parameter to adjust in QGroundControl. Avoid Mission Planner to set up anything.

In Power Setup, you choose PowerModule1, Analog Voltage and current. Default voltage multiplier is quite good, you can adjust later if needed.

When done, you can check Battery Status (menu bar)

You can adjust Amp per volt multiplier after flying and charging the battery.


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Thanks for the reply… i got the same settings after i calibrated the voltage in MP… my only concern was that why ‘other’ is selected instead of Edge PWR1 in power sensor tab ?

I’ve got similar issues with my Edge power module. Voltage readings fluctuate +/- 2V under no load and it infact increases when under load! Adjusting the multipliers doesn’t help - it moves the values into the correct magnitude of around 25V (6S) but as I said fluctuates wildly from that. Consequently the current sensing is also wildly off. QGC says I’m using 30% of my battery in the few minutes between power on and flight!

that appears to be a faulty module then… my problem was incorrect reading not wild fluctuations…

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