Edge - No Output Signals - Boat/Rover

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my Edge powered drone boat up and running (operating in Rover mode) and I’ve run into big problem when it comes to actually arming and running the motor (a Blue Robotics T200, with forward and reverse ESC)

  • I have had no problem downloading/updating the Edge firmware
  • I have run though the Edge setup docs with no problem
    – The telemetry link is strong and I have calibrated the Accel/Compass no problem
    – Calibrated my RC radio (Turnagy i6s w/ iA6B reciever)
    – I have also run through the Ardupilot Rover setup the best I can (with the options that are available in QGroundControl, it seems to be missing a few of the options that are available in APM)

My problem comes when I arm the system (not getting any errors), none of my RC inputs are coming out. So, not motor movement and no servo movement. I’ve double checked things through the “Analyse” graphs and the inputs look good, but there is nothing showing up when I monitor the Servo raw outputs.

I did switch back to the Plane configuration and I was able to get the motor to work, but the servos were unresponsive (I tried multiple servos in all the outputs).

I’m hoping this is a software/firmware issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  1. Edge w/ firmware v1.4
  2. Windows 10
  3. QGroundControl for Edge v 3.2.4-edge2.3
  4. Alfa Wifi Radios
  5. Stock external GPS/Mag/Baro


Seems like there are some pwm setup bugs in old Rover release. We are preparing new release with the updated ArduPilot binaries.

I can provide you working binary if you want it earlier.

Thanks Alexey,

I’m on holiday until the end of the month, so I’m away from my gear until then. If you’d like me to do any testing of the binary before the new release, I would be happy to do so when I’m back in the office.



Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I’m finally trying to get my Edge up and running. I was wondering if you had that custom Rover binary you could send?



We have updated Rover to v3.3.0 in Edge image v1.5. So please download new QGC and update your Edge.

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