Edge Motor configuration with QGroundControl

Edge firmware is 1.3 with arducopter 3.5.3.
QGroundControl is latest 3.2.4 edge 2.2

Edge was initially set for a flat hexacopter and I had some flights with it.

I had to change the configuration to Y6B (new multicopter). Doing that, I did a reset of parameters before starting new configuration.

In the process, I had a look at the Servo page and I discovered than Servo 1 to 6 where not set to motors 1 to 6 (Function 33 to 38) as expected but Function 0.

I had to enter the settings manually. (first Hexa servo configuration was OK, first Y6B was also OK, but due to some takeoff problems I wanted to redo a fresh configuration and did a “Reset to defaults” in the Tools menu)


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After you reset parameters Frame class also set to 0. Frame class = 0 => reset all SERVOx_FUNCTION.
After you set configuration to Y6B, functions of servos also changed. To see this you need to refresh parameters.


I may have missed this step… If I had to redo the configuration I will have a look.


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