EDGE GPS Wiring and MotCompass calibration

Hello to all.

I just got my hands on my first ever EDGE and have a couple of questions.
I managed to make everything work so far but still have not had a test flight which i might do tomorrow.
I see the GPS has 2 (common) CAN connections and there are also 2 on the FC as also 2 wires are supplied. Is it ok to connect both for increased security?
So far i have always dont MotCompass Cal in all my builds prior to compass calibration, just to make sure that there is no interference comming from any place. My GPS/MAG is installed about 10cm above FC and inbetween there is a grounded copper plate, so mostlikely there is nothing coming from there, but i simply want to see what the manufacturer of users might suggest.
Thank you in advance for your replies.


GPS: You can use CAN1 or CAN2 (I use CAN1)… Second wire is not used.


CompassMot calibration: GPS is more sensible to RF noise than compass. If you have good GPS signal and do not experience bad yaw behaviour when flying, no need to do CompassMot calibration.

On my Edge setup, I have no need for CompassMot calibration. Picture is during assembly. Final wiring is cleaner and Edge wifi module is moved to the left bottom side of the frame.


Thank you Marc for your reply.
The Can I have connected can1 also but I wanted to see if it’s ok to connect both for security or if it will cause any issues. So far first flight has gone really good and stable. I just need to observe hdop, since I found it to be slightly higher than all other builds I have done this year and it had me a bit worried. Again, thank you and I hope someone from emlid replies to my dual CAN connection question.

Second CAN bus on GPS antenna is for daisy chaining (IMHO).


Was hoping to hookup both wires from the GPS to the FC for added security in case one fails. Thank you Marc for your replies.

Hi @tonyantzoulatos,

One CAN connection is more than enough.

Thank you for your reply!
I understand that one is enough. i am asking if connecting both CAN wire from the 2 CAN port of the FC to the 2 CAN plugs of my GPS is ok or if it will cause some problem to the way the FC functions. Having twice the cables for security might be a good option. Thats my question. If CAN is common on GPS but common Also on the FC, that means there is no problem to make a twin connection (in case one cable ever fails), but if the CAN on the FC has some mismatch communication issue, then i would not like to connect both.


I tested the connection of GPS module over 2 CAN ports. It seems this configuration works without errors.

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