Edge do not disarm after RTL


Here are two logs with Edge (Firmware 1.4, Arducopter 3.5.3)


First log is shorter, but same RTL behaviour is registered in the log.

Flying platform is a 4kg Y6 Hexacopter. I’m still in the tuning process and I had a try at RTL lately.

Here is a picture of my setup. Landing gear is spongy, there are silent blocs isolating motors platform from landing gear-gimbal-battery setup. At flying field, ground is soft weed.

At the middle of the two flights, I commanded a RTL from R/C. Descent is OK in two steps. Landing is OK but disarm is not initiated. Motors stay at descent power, if I reduce power on the R/C, there is a moderate increase. I have to change mode to Stabilize then manually disarm to shut down motors.

I had successful RTL when flying Flat Hexacopter with Edge and firmware 1.3 with stiffer landing gear.
Same good RTL with my Navio2-Octocopter (Stretch-arducopter 3.5.5) and spongy landing gear.



ArduPilot disarm motors in RTL mode only after it detects landing. Seems like Copter had unstable land, accel has high fluctuations:

It can be because of landing gear.

I will work on it and keep you in touch,



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