Edge Discontinued

Curious if anyone can comment on the discontinuation of the Edge FC. Is there an updated version in the offing or is Emlid getting out of flight controllers?

It is quite brutal. Edge is no more advertised on the web site.

Support seems to be OK, documentation is still available. It should be good to have a full firmware and QGC update with the latest ardupilot features.

Hi all,

We continue Edge support here on forum and via email. We’ll also keep updating the docs. In regards to firmware update, in the meantime, I won’t be able to provide you with ETA on when we’ll get it done.

Some dealers probably still have some Edge stock. We continue offering Navio2 in our online store.

Are you saying there is a full firmware and QGC update in the works?

Hasn’t been any updates on it for a while.

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