EDGE controller with Wi-Fi For Sale

I have new never used EDGE receiver with WiFi for sale. I also have a new 3D printed mount that will come with the sale. Asking $600 and I will pay for shipping in the CONUS. PM me if interested.


Curious, what are the benefits of using an EDGE versus when drone used with the typical iPad, iPhone, Android device?


I can’t really answer this questionbecause I have not used this receiver before. I was starting a UAS build and decided to not go through with the build. I know though from my research that the the EDGE is very customizable to your usage. Has a more accurate GNSS than most off the shelf DJIs that are not RTK grade. I was mainly going to use the receiver for mapping purposes. Pix4D, drone deploy apps etc…where going to be used…it was about a 5k UAS built system. I know you can use mission planner for flying while recording video and such also. I hope I somewhat answered your question

Does anyone know if the EDGE is something to be used instead of just a Reach or M+ attached to drone. Does it have the same GNSS capabilities or would it be best to get a M+ with optional LoRa module? I guess my main question is, what is it’s use purpose? What do people use the EDGE for?
Drone/GNSS newbie here.

The edge is the receiver for flight use. The brains of the UAS system. If you want to have higher accuracy for mapping images then yes the M+ would be added. The M+ RTK will geotag your images. I would recommend reading the documents on the EMLID website to better understand the processes of each hardware usage.

Simplified, the Emlid Edge provides the electronics and navigation control of the drone. Adding a Reach M+ to the drone will allow RTK or PPK for survey grade results.


So is this for a drone that doesn’t have “the electronics and navigation control”? Like a dyi drone build or something, so this is something not needed for say a Dji Phantom since it already has this?

@timd1971 Correct.

Here is the DIY connection scheme for the Emlid Edge:

@gedwards I wonder if it would be better to use the phrase ‘drone controller’ instead of the word ‘receiver’ in the title of this thread? Something like:

EDGE drone controller with Wi-Fi for sale: $600 :us:


This would be for a DIY drone.

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Yes I will change that, thanks for the input.

I would like to buy it!


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