Edge Connection Problem - Edge not detected

Hello Everyone,

I am Marco from Italy. I acquired a Emlid Edge to stream video from my FDR AX 53 to long distances. Unfortunately, even if i followed the manual step by step i encountered some problems and i cannot have my edge working. i will describe hereafter everything i have done:

  1. donwloaded QgroundControl and updated Edge firmware and Wifi Modules firmware
  2. Physical connection of all hardware elements
  3. run Qground Control and successfully set up UDP connection (i saw the artificial Horizon twisting as i moved the edge)
  4. when i entered the video streaming section, i could not start the video stream (i also received a bounce of errors related to the preflight control that i promptly disabled since there was not drone connected!!)
  5. i lost connection so i unplugged and riplugged everithing again. Connection to the edge was restablished and lost again after a while. i was no more able to estalish connection
  6. i thought i should update again the firmware, QGroundControl saw the edge but when i hit initialized it freezed. i disconnected the Edge and reconnected it but QGC was not able anymore to detect the EDGE, which is now blinking with a white led.

When i connect the Edge it doesnt show up in the COM section but only in the Universal Serial Bus as BCM2710 Boot.
I am thinking about trying to reflesh a firmware version in other way, but i cannot find a firmware donwload file. What Should i Do?

Thankyou very much for the help,




Use Etcher to flash your Edge with latest firmware:


Follow the instructions of this page:

When using wifi module, do not forget to shut down the internal computer wifi.


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mLebret thank you very much. I refleshed the firmware with those link you provided me and it works! QGroundControl detects again my Edge and I am able to set the UDP connection and get the Edge Wifi connected to the PC. Unfortunately i have some other issue which i will describe in a new post in order to give it another appropriate title. In the meanwhile thankyou very much for your help!

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