EDGE camera control

How does the EDGE control the camera? For example, start stop recording, take a photo, autofocus.
Camera Sony A6000


Hi Michal!

You can start/stop recording as described here. The camera always streams video to HDMI so you can control the stream directly from QGC by just pressing Stop/Start.

Taking photos needs some work on your side because you need to control the shutter.

Hi George.
So,if I understand it well. When I taking a video (saved to SD card in camera) i need some shutter control connected to RC receiver. And when i takeing a photos during mapping i need shutter control connected to EDGE.

Is it correct?

Usually camera just streams video to your Edge. So no further preparations are necessary. You just turn on your camera, press the button and connect to Edge.


Thanks for the reply

It´s true, but good shutter control support zoom.

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