Edge - Arducopter 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 3.7dev compilation


I have an Emlid Edge card with official Emlid 3.5.5 Arducopter.

This firmware is working well but quite old…

If Edge is not an option with Waf and 3.5 arducopter branch, Waf accept to compile copter version from 3.6 or Master branch. However 3.6.7 or 3.7dev version of arducopter do not run on Edge. I have a red blinking led (error) when trying it.

Is it an Edge hardware limitation somewhere or a software problem?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @mlebret,

I’ll try to reproduce it and get back to you with updates.

Hi Marc,

We reproduced the described behavior, thanks for reporting. We will dig into the issue and report back once there are news.

Thanks for your work,

There is some clues with how data (some parameters) is stored (permanently?) in the Edge card or the Rpi compute module.

There is no easy way to clear memory when installing a fresh 1.5 image (some old parameters are still present somewhere) and if I try to run emlidtool with a recent arducopter 3.6.x, there is a wrapper error msg.


I just built and ran arducopter from master branch and it’s working fine. What exactly is not working for you?

Hi Lucas,

When compiling from Master (1 month ago) or 3.6.7 branch, Arducopter start but hang somewhere and Edge light is blinking Red.

If I replace the 3.5.5 arducopter with 3.6.7 in the fresh EmlidEdge image file, I have the Startup error (in the Emlidtool window).



I only tried on master branch. I compiled it and left it running during night with no problem.

Thanks for the information,

I will have another try.



Something is missing…


what toolchain did you use?

it should work with

~/p/buildroot/output/host/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc --version
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (Linaro GCC 7.3-2018.05) 7.3.1 20180425 [linaro-7.3-2018.05 revision d29120a424ecfbc167ef90065c0eeb7f91977701]

I use Ubuntu (Linux on Windows10).

I will look at Linaro gcc, (HowToInstall).

Emlid should made Edge arducopter compiled version available at firmware.ardupilot.org like they do for Navio family.



Humn… Those firmware there are built by the ArduPilot devs themselves. I will take a look on adding Edge.

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Stable version should be fine.

Hello Lucas,

I downloaded Arducopter 3.6.7 for Edge from firmware repository. It is now installed and running. I will check all settings and calibration later.



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