Edge/5.8GHz video transmission range in Germany?

cI want to add wifi video transmission to my copters. I already have a Navio and I’m looking into an Edge for other copters.

But as far as I understand it it is not legal in Germany to use 5.x (<5.726) GHz wifi onboard of a flying vehicle but only >5.725 GHz with not more than 25 mW (which should be the case in all countries of the EU).

This is far less than the 27dB Edge (and DJI systems) report in their data sheet.

What is the transmission distance with 25 mW?
Do I miss something?

5 GHz in Germany, Bundesnetzagentur


Hi @tobias-dahms,

I believe transmission distance with 25 mW will be within 100-150 meters.

I’m afraid there are no specific recommendations for this case.

Ok, thank you!

I’m still wondering if all these 5.x GHz Wifi devices are illegal in Germany and the EU. I guess I just ask the Bundesnetzagentur why they do not forbid these DJI drones (Godverdomme, I have bought a Mavic recently…).

As a Mavic owner, would you not be inclined to ask the opposite:
“Why doesn’t Bundesnetzagentur deregulate 5.x GHz Wi-FI?”

Be careful what you wish for (or you might get it) :grey_exclamation:

Being the one who gets DJI banned in Germany/EU is not the kind of fame I would be seeking to achieve (unless I had patent rights on a great long range data radio that was compatible and operated in an unrestricted band :wink: ).


I actually hope that they will point me to the error I’m making in interpretation of the laws (because I need a 500m video transmission for fawn rescue). Of course I would hope that the use of 5.x GHz with ~100mW is legal or will be legal soon.

At the other hand I do not know why people need video transmission with a range of 5 km. I have seen many of these DJI (also a 3dr Solo once) users make things which are illegal and irresponsible (flying next to playgrounds, in nature conservation areas, over (naked) people and children and over properties). A video link restricted to 300m might help against some of that activities.

I’m very frustrated that these people motivating politicians to introduce even more restrictions which at the other hand are not enforced by the executive. This makes my use cases impossible or very costly while this people still fly where ever they want.

My Mavic Pro 1 uses 2.4 Ghz for video (3 Channels), telemetry and control. Did they switch to 5Ghz for the later models?
5Ghz will not be deregulated, because the primary users (weather and military radar) will not just vanish. Flying high in the air with a 1W 5GHz transmitter, will make the copter into a tiny raincloud on every weather radar.

You are right, the M2P has a far higher transmission power than the M1P. Strange… .

The bad thing is that if you huse separate systems for RC and video transmission its probably a bad idea to use 2.4 Ghz for video transmission and RC control.

Interesting to here about the weather radar background. Does that concern stationary radars or radars in airplanes too?

Military is welcome to vanish… don’t know if there is device left which is save to fly (at least for the pilot) within the German military… . The pilots are out of practice anyhow… .

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