ECS beeping after upgrade to latest version. Unreliable motor command

Hi, I currently have an issue following the latest upgrade .
I am running arduplane 4.0.9 (I also have the same issue with 4.0.5) and the ESC is beeping after few second when there is no input from the stick.

I initially thought it was due to calibration , so I did a manual one (using directly the receiver) , but as soon as It it connected to the RPI4B , it beeps when throttle is idle (manual mode).

Worse , in some cases I lost the throttle for some time, whatever movement is applied , no motor movement …

If I switch to FBA from manual the ESC stop beeping …

Any help would be appreciated . I have check all my parameters , the plane was working fine before the upgrade.

Hi @lebrasnico,

Thanks for the report!

There’s indeed a confirmed issue with ESC calibration that appears with the upgrade. We’re currently working on it. For now, please reflash your SD card and don’t perform the upgrade. I’ll message you here as soon as we fix this issue.

Hi @lebrasnico ,

I wanted to tell you that we’ve deployed a new kernel. It should fix the issue with ESC’s calibration.

To get the update, please run the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade commands.

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