Echosounder communication with RS2

The echosounder is a Sonarmite Hydrolite-TM. I have a Reach RS2 base + rover, controlled through an Android phone. I am using the SonarMite+ App on my phone to control the depth data logging (saved to the phone’s internal memory) and ReachView3 for the GPS. If I connect the Rover to the Sonarmite using the EXT port and DS9 adapter, and set the Position Streaming output to Serial (RS-232), is that sufficient to get corrected coordinates recorded along with the depth logging? How can I verify that the coordinates logged by the echosounder are being supplied by the Reach?

I currently have the echosounder output in NMEA format, but I am not sure if the ReachPanel Logging settings need to to also be changed.

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You could enable mock locations and use it that way also. The instructions are in the documents on Emlid’s page.

Also, if you are using the GGA message part of it describes if you are DGPS/float or fix

Here is the link to the document


here is a link that breaks down what all is contained in the GGA message.

in their example #6, GPS Quality indicator, equals 2 which is DGPS. If it were a 4, it would be RTK

Thank you so much. I had gone through the documentation, but I didn’t understand what the mock location was doing, so I hadn’t worked through that process.

For future reference, if anyone else uses this thread, to enable mock locations on Android, you have to enable Developer Options on the Android first. On your device, go to Settings >> About Phone and tap Build Version seven times. After that, the Developer Option menu will appear under Settings.


I had explained entering Developer mode in another thread but yes that is the method.

Good luck on your project

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