eBee X with RS2

Has anybody used the RS2 with a SenseFly eBee X? I’m trying to send corrections from the RS2 to the eMotion software on my laptop through Bluetooth but I’m having issues. Can the RS2 send RTCM3 through Bluetooth? Currently we’re using VRS with eMotion software to send corrections to the eBee and using the RS2 for check points but I really hope to use the RS2 directly with eMotion/eBee for PPK scenarios. If this does work it will be a game changer for eBee users!!! Thanks!


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I can confirm that myself and another individual from Texas have successfully post processed flights using RS2. I didn’t have a problems.

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Hi Forest,

Sorry for the delayed response!

May I ask you to elaborate on your issue? Did you manage to establish a connection with your laptop via Bluetooth?

Reach RS2 can output RTCM3 messages via Bluetooth. You can check this guide for more information on it.

Hey SammyRodz

Can you share what settings you did in the rs2 and in eMotion to do PPK?


Unfortunately I had already purchased (2) RS2 units before trying this with eMotion software.

This is RS, not RS2. Ebee needs dual frequency RTK, RS2 should work.


We are currently in touch with senseFly to make sure it works smoothly with Reach RS2


Please let us know when the RS2/ senseFly compatibility has been confirmed. We are eagerly awaiting this! Thanks!

We have many eBee users that would love to purchase RS2’s as soon as the RS2/ senseFly compatibility is confirmed. Thanks

I think the OP was trying to do RTK not PPK?

That is correct. We have not been able to do PPK either though.

Are the files not compatible or are you just having a hard time resolving the corrections and not getting a POS file?

Hi everyone,

It’s possible to do PPK in eMotion.

When converting RS2 raw UBX log in RTKCONV, go to Options and tick RINEX2-NAME in the right upper corner. Instead of .obs, you’ll get *.19o file you can use in eMotion.

In eMotion leave antenna model as UNKNOWN and use 0.134m ARP.
After processing, you’ll see Geotags info on the RTK/PPK Results page.

As for the RTK, we need time for testing.


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