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Hi, received an e-mail promoting a trade in offer from E38 Survey Solutions that I thought might interest someone on the forum. I purchase my pair of RS2’s from them when they first came to market and they gave me good service. I’m not affiliated with them at all. I also happen to own the tablet they offer, but I purchased that through a MicroSurvey FieldGenius offer and I like the screens readability outdoors vs some of the other data collectors I have used. They are also a FieldGenius dealer along with being a Emlid dealer.

E38 Survey Solutions now offers the waterproof E38 Vivid Tablet powered by Qualcomm. The bright screen on this rugged device provides the clearest picture, ensuring your work in the field is done quickly and efficiently.

E38 Survey Solutions is offering $380 off your next RS2 purchase (plus carrying case) when you trade in your RS+. The RS2 is a multiband receiver with a faster time to fix, ensuring your projects are completed with efficiency and accuracy.

Offer is valid thru October 31, 2020

Call an E38 Survey Solutions representative to get started on your trade in today at (234) 206-0410



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I actually just bought that kit from them

Is the E38 tablet a Chinese rebranded OEM? How is the screen in sunlight?

I’ll be honest with you I can tell you more on Tuesday. The package just arrived to my office and I haven’t had time to even look at it this past week. But I will give you a full review on Tuesday

The screen is rated 500NITS, its pretty brite, but like most glossy screens you will have to adjust it’s position so the glare doesn’t overide the display. Never had a problem seeing the screen in full sun after rotating it slightly. Can’t say that for my phone, even after turning it up to full briteness. It takes an data card, but I haven’t tried that feature out yet. Event 38 also offers a hard case for two RS2 receivers, though I get by with a padded work tote bag for my gear.

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Juniper is where I first saw the Cedar CT8 tablet, but I purchased mine from MicroSurvey. Not sure if Juniper designed this tablet like their Mesa tablets. I’m assume it is produced in China though I don’t know for sure. I do know the battery is made in China, which is replaceable through the back cover. Also that’s how you access the Micro SD card and the two sim cards slots. Mine came with a nice back hand strap and a useful RAM pole mount. Battery life is pretty good, I’ve used it for 6hrs in the field and it reported 54% left. FCC# is VSFCT8.

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