E/N/U Baseline reliability issues for least squares processing

Emlid studio 1.2

I’m having issues with outputting ENU baselines from studio - they are incorrect in the magnitude of 100m horizontally and 5m vertically when compared to the lat/long outputs I create using the same dataset. I’ve validated the lat/long studio outputs of the rover by processing the rover rinex using OPUS/NRCAN PPP style solution. So there’s no issue with the baseline processing, just the output.

Has anyone come across this, and is there a fix? I want the baselines to process in least squares software ideally. Anyone with experiences or tips in processing these baselines in least squares software also appreciated.

Hi @tomk,

Welcome to the community forum!

Can you please share your processing files, base coordinates and the output files you compare?

Hi @tomk,

How is it going? Do you have any updates on this topic? Can you share your data with me?