Dynamic Telemetry IP address

Anyway to change the telemetry IP address on the fly?

Probably it is possible using some utility like socat.
You configure APM to send telemetry to udp port on localhost and then dynamically create socat bridges that listen to this udp port and send the data where necessary.

You could also use tcp instead of udp.

-A tcp:

This way APM would listen for a tcp connection on every network interface/IP.
Configure your RPi for all networks you are going to use (home wifi, smartphone/laptop hotspot etc.)
and you won’t have to change the startup options for APM ever again.
I use this, because socat started a gazillion times on my RPi every time I tried, completly hogging the cpu.

Do you know how fast the tcp connection would be?

I did not test tcp for latency or throughput. I only use it as a telemetry connection over wifi. It is a lot faster than the 3dr radios.
Tcp should be a little bit slower (throughput and latency) than udp, because it has more overhead.

Anyway we can get the Navio to change IP dynamically. I’d like to send (secondary) telemetry to a computer on broadband with a dynamic IP address. Socat sounds ideal, but I can’t get it to work.