Dynamic Platform Models

There has been a bit of discussion on the dynamic platform model that is configured by default in the Reach units over on the RTKLibExplorer blog. It seems that the UBlox chip within the reach is set to Airborne <4G, the most extreme of the available settings and “Only Recommended for extremely dynamic environments”. Apparently this will affect the RAW data that is produced by the units, and it strikes me that this setting may be far from ideal for many Reach users (although I acknowledge that many people will be using them on drones).

Although it is possible to change this setting by hand (I haven’t tried it yet), I wonder if it would be possible to provide a simple way to set this via the Reach GUI? My own use of the Reach is far less dynamic (marine logging), and perhaps it might even be possible to get better results for base station Reaches by using the static mode?

I will admit that I haven’t yet had the chance to test the different models, but if the differences are significant then most users will want to configure at least one of their units to a less dynamic setting (base station) and this could provide a very “quick win” in terms of data quality (that would be nice - of course, it could also make no difference whatsoever!).

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Yes, we are looking into this. Most likely there will be a setting for that in ReachView.

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Would be keen to hear if you have tested the different models, Igor, and noticed any significant changes? In particular, it would seem to make send to log base station data in “static” and I’m hoping it will improve my low velocity boat logging…

We have not performed the tests yet, the initial assumption was that this setting should not affect raw data.

is there any update on this?
I assume for static point surveying & base we should use “sationary”, if there is any affect on the raw data…

Hi Johannes,

There is no proof of u-blox settings affecting raw data.