DXF points and label from Flow 360 won't copybase

As titled, Autodesk won’t let me copy from the download format from 360.

Is there a workaround within Autocad to allow this?
Please share your process, if there isn’t any, and still interest in using this format for your drawing, you can convert the dxf using this free app:

or through a cloud like this one: https://cloudconvert.com/. Once converted, you can copy it.


Hi @avelez,

Have you tried doing it using the Copy button from the Tools panel? The last time I checked it, it helped me.

Nope. Still the same symptom:

Keep sharing any suggestions.

And what if you use Copy from the Modify section? Does it work?

You can also try the AUDIT command.

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Hi Julia.
The autid Command worked. Thx for the help.

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