DXF exported from reach rs+ is tiny

Hello everybody, i don´t know why when i open an exported survey dxf file in autocad (pc), all what is shown, is just the tiny points according to the survey and nothing more, no names, no annotations etc, and THEY ALL ARE SCALED!
example: if a realize a 2,000 m2 poligonal survey, it Will be less than 1mm2 in autocad.
hellp ! thank you!

I would recommmend bringing your data in via Qgis.
In Qgis you can alter or add any data you like.

If your cad doesnt have a georeferencing tool during import the points you import is going to be in LAT LONG WGS84 and that is no good for a cad. At the moment, reach doenst export format in cartesian format like UTM


TR_RTK THANK YOU! im not very familiar with those softwares, but im downloading qgis right now and looking for some tutorials. then, im trying to do so. i´ll write the results.

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Is there anyway to export X,Y,Z in meters or feet at the moment? Having the same issue with DXFs and points bringing them into CAD. Going to look into Qgis as well.

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Not at the moment no. Qgis will do trick. I use it all the time.

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Manipulating geodetic tools, CAD and GIS software, without knowing anything about geographic coordinates systems and projections is really a big mistake. Before jumping directly to Youtube tutorials for QGIS, do yourself a favor by learning land surveying basis first.


Make sure you units are correct in CAD or set the drawing to unitless. INSUNITS

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I’m here in this thread to update you that now you can import and export DXF files with ReachView 3 app without any issues!

Don’t hesitate to create a new topic if you have any questions or requests about ReachView 3.