DXF export says there are no points

I am trying to export dxf points on ReachView version: 7.8 with a recent project. I can export the .csv file with no problem. I can also export the shapefile. But when I go to export the .dxf it says there are not points to export. There are over a hundred points though. This does not happen on points from older projects. Just this most recent one. Any idea why this might happen?

Hi @kristinv,

Most likely, you’ve chosen Global CS option while creating the project. This option allows working with non-projected coordinates, so points have only geographical coordinates. Meanwhile, DXF format requires projected coordinates: easting, northing, elevation. Hence, you can’t export them.

To make it available, you need to import an exported CSV file into the project with required local coordinate system in ReachView 3. An app should convert coordinates into local ones and allow you exporting DXF.

THANKS! i was looking for a solution to this blunder i made.

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