DXF and/or other formats as background map


We recently purchased a Reach RX with the survey plan and use it for stake out.

We normally have the project data as DXF and would like to use them as background map for orientation on the field. However the DXF upload creats only black lines and points, which may be good for direct stake out, but not for orientation. The stake out points are uploaded seperatly as CSV.

I used a workaround with our Mapserver to create a WMS. This creates the map how we need it. But this workaround is to complicated and it should be possible for everyone to easily create a map with a usable background.

Is there another way to upload data only as background? Or can you suggest another easier workaround?

Map created with DXF upload:

Map how we need it:


+1 this a really good point, a separate background layer for reference vector data as described above would provide many benefits including:

  • Would look different to differentiate it from real data, both stake out & collected.

  • Option to make the background data either active or visual only so no more accidentally selecting the wrong point.

  • Turn on/off one or more background layers as needed for better flexibility.

  • Export would only export valid data. Currently after exporting (everything) you have to spend a lot of time in the office weeding back out all the points you loaded for reference only. And there’s no way in Flow to select and remove bulk points first, each individual point currently requires 5 separate touch actions to delete. And that’s after spending a lot of time figuring out which are the ones you really want to delete and the risk is there’s no going back after the wrong one is deleted…

Field Genius Android does background layers (XREF) well

And local background bitmap images is still needed


Hi guys,

Thank you for sharing this feature request! Yes, the current workaround for working with background layers is to use WMS. But I agree that having such a feature out of the box would simplify the process. I’ve noted your +1 for this feature and will bring it up with the team.