Dutch Hill Pole & RS+ = ? Pole Height

Hi guys, I am new at this so please go easy on me.

Can anyone confirm what I should enter in my “Pole Height” in the Reachview app assuming the pole is marked at 5.0’? While this may be obvious, we want to be sure we don’t need to calculate the difference between the 5.0’ line up to the bottom of the RS+ thread adapter.

Can anyone confirm? Thanks

Hi @ehcropydoc,

At the moment, ReachView 3 supports units of measure in meters only. So you need to convert feet into meters. Pole height, in your case, will be 1.524 meters.

To add the height of the thread adapter, you just need to enable the toggle, as shown on the screenshot. Antenna height for Reach RS+ in ReachView 3 will be added automatically.


Hi @ehcropydoc,

I’ve read my answer once more and found out that I had misled you. The pole height unit of measure depends on the coordinate system of your project.

So, you need to convert your pole height into meters for a coordinate system in meters only. If you choose a coordinate system in feet, you just need to set the height of your pole in feet and enable the toggle to add the thread adapter’s height, as shown on the screenshot.

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