Dumb question but - can phone act as a rover

I know this is a dumb question but I have to ask to be sure. I have EmlidRS2. I have to record a bunch of points for heigh and in a rough territory. Emlid RS2 is connected to a base that is a part of the national system. Can my phone with my Qfield act as a rover? I was wondering if the Emlid reach can be stationary and if can walk all over with my phone thus making the process somewhat easier. But if that is the case, does the phone record location with cm level accuracy.
I am used to using Emlid just as a rover with my phone attached to it and I just am not sure how it works. Though I suspect that the answer is no. I would need a GNSS receiver and antenna on the phone as well, right?

Your phone is not a precision gnss receiver, so no, it cannot act as a rover. Since you are using NTRIP, you will need to use your RS2 as the rover. If you are looking for a much lighter solution, the new RX is made for exactly that use case.

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Thanks. That is what I thought.

Hi Adam,

Many mobile phones have a GNSS chip, but they can’t apply corrections for RTK calculations. That’s why they provide Single solution only, which is several meters accurate.

And yep, I can second Dave’s words. To work in RTK, you can use your Reach RS2 as a rover with corrections from the local NTRIP Service.

Thank you for the answer. One more question, can I use the RS2 as base and a device from another manufacturer (a device I own) as a rover?

Yep. Here is the list of RTCM3 messages that Reach RS2 can output:

So if your 3rd-party receiver supports getting corrections from them, it should work fine.

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