Dual RS2 case

For an overseas project I wanted to protect both RS2 units in one case for easier transport. I was inspired by one of the threads from a few years ago but wanted to go smaller.

Using a Tomcase XT430 and the foam from the RS2 carry-cases everything fits well and is very easy to use. I intend to CNC-cut an insert from XPS. It’s designed, but I need to fix the CNC first. I’ll share the files one it’s confirmed to work.

XT 430 - 426 x 290 x 159 mm (cases-online.com)


Well done Julien ! That looks really good and handy.


French-fry cases are amazing. We put all of our electrical equipment in them.


Super cool work, Julien! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Sweet! You could take that right to market.

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