Dual Reach - rtcm output

Hi all,
Quick question for you,
In some scenarios I would like to use one Reach (RS/RS2) as base broadcasting corrections over LoRa, while using second rover Reach (RS/RS2) to ONLY output recieved rtcm corrections over serial to another GNSS device.
Would that be possible?
If not, would you be able to recommend on a compatible radio to use to export corrections over serial? (as received from base station Reach)
Thank you all in advance.

Anyone? Can i output RTCM in real time via serial?

Hi @hadarsade,

Reach rover can’t transmit RTCM messages received from a base.
It’s possible to configure Reach rover to output its own correction messages, but not the corrections from the base.

Thanks Tatiana.
If that is the case, could you or anyone else recommend on a Reach RS/RS2 compatible radio to receive and output base corrections?

Hi @hadarsade,

Any USB or UART radio should work, for example, 3DR or RFD900.

Ok thanks
Will look into it

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