Dronekit timeout on a new image


I’m another newbie learning Navio2+Raspberrypi 4 (Model B 4G) and trying to build a quadcopter drone. I downloaded and installed the latest Navio2 image as shown below:

And then, I ran the ardupilot to set up my arducopter as shown below:

The arducopter was running successfully.

It looks like the arducopter version is 4.0. I also tried to run @novice’s connect_quad.py example above, but it still failed to run and generated the same error messages as shown below:

Am I missing something to set up the ardupilot and run the example? I don’t think the latest Navio2 image fixed the Dronekit connection issue and it is still occurring.

Would you please give some idea on how to resolve the issue with running the Dronekit examples?

By the way, in Mission Planner, I was able to connect to the Ardupilot on Navio2+Rpi4 board using UDP / 57600 baud rate.

Thank you,

Hi @chong.pak,

Welcome to the community forum!

We’ll check this and will get back to you. Meanwhile, may I ask you to perform the RCIO update? You can use the following command for it:

sudo emlidtool rcio update -f

Hi @polina.buriak,

I ran the RCIO update as requested and it ran successfully.

After rebooting the navio, the arducopter was still running successfully.

But the simple connect_quad.py python script still failed to run:

Do you have any other updates on this issue?


Hi @chong.pak,

Thanks for the update!

Let’s try to check things step-by-step. It seems like there are issues with the barometer as seen on your first screenshot.

Could you please run the barometer example from our docs and post the output here? This way, we’ll be able to check if it’s working correctly and not causing any further issues.

Hi @polina.buriak,

I tried to run the barometer python example, but it failed to run with the following error message:

So, I had to stop Ardupilot and run the Barometer example. This time, it ran successfully as shown below:

Please let me know what I should try to run next.


Hi @polina.buriak,

Do you have any update on this issue?


Hi @chong.pak,

Sorry to keep you waiting.

At the moment, I’m trying to reproduce this issue. I’ll be in touch as soon as I get any news about it.