Dronekit not working

Hi afriends, I’m trying to run the dronekit command on navio2, but I’m getting an error, can you help?

Hi Ramazan,

Please double-check that you’ve specified the correct IP address in the launch file: the loopback IP and the IP of the GCS.

It’s also necessary to start the ArduPilot to execute the scripts. The script outputs a timeout exception when autopilot is not started.

To learn more about working with Dronekit, you can use their detailed wiki. For running the example, I suppose you would need to change the IP address for loop one, like this:

python vehicle_state.py --connect udpin:

Hi Polina,

You said check the launch file, how can I do that?

and I changed the IP address as you said but I got the error again.

Hi Ramazan,

The launch file is the one you configure before working with Navio2. For example, for working with ArduCopter it can be /etc/default/arducopter. The process of its initialization is described in our docs.

It can look like this:

TELEM1="-A udp:" 
TELEM2="-C udp:GCS's_IP:14550"


Thank you my mistake was in the initialization file

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Thanks for the update! Great to know you can work with your Navio2 now :slight_smile:

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