Dronekit: ESC not working

I am trying to make a quadcopter with a2212/11t motors, 5200mah battery, rpi3 b+, navio2 and arducopter 4.0.0.
when i run set_attitude_target.py of dronekit only one esc of the 4 esc works.
and within seconds it stop even it has not achieved target altitude.
When tried with different esc all the esc do not work.
But if i try to run motor with rc one at a time all esc works.
Can any one know the reason?

Hi @abhishek.kurhekar,

Sorry for the delay!

May I ask you to share photos of your hardware setup? Also, could you describe your step-by-step actions so that I can find out at what stage the issue might occur?

The problem was with the code.

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