Drone processing data


I’ve tried to flight with the Mettatec PPK Kit for mavic pro 2.

It was not a piece of cake for the drone who was really unbalanced causing the fall of the drone several times in the very beginning of the take off. At the end of the day, the kit was broken…

I’ve managed to make one of the two waypoints planned with drone harmony. I did the second flight manually with a hand take off witch was not supported by drone harmony.

Anyway, this is how I did the survey:

  1. Base RS2+ (NTRIP correction + Log activated for PPK)
  2. Rover RS+ to measure GCP’s (Lora correction from the Base)
  3. Drone + PPK kit (Reach M2+Antenna) + Lora connected to the reach M2 + Log activated for PPK + 159 photos taken.

I’m struggling to post processing the drone data.
Emlid Studio doesn’t want to open the image’s folder because it must contain 5729 photos but i’ave taken only 159 photos.

Thanks for your help.

Here is the link with all the data :


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the data!

I’ve checked it and am wondering about the log from Reach M2. The thing is that it’s an empty log that doesn’t contain any data:

However, there is a file Reach-m2_raw_20230926115110 (2).pos in the folder, which contains the processed log with the rover positions. You couldn’t get this file without a proper raw data log from the receiver.

Other files from this Reach M2 are also empty: LLH, 23B, and 23P.

Could you please check if you have other raw data logs on the receiver? Do you record only RINEX files, or maybe there are UBX ones as a backup?

Emlid Studio outputs two files after processing: the regular pos file (on your screenshot) and events.pos file. You need to use the events.pos file for geotagging because it contains the processed coordinates of the time marks.

If there’s no events.pos file, we need to investigate it further.


Thanks a lot Kirill

I must have delete the events.pos file because I did several times the processing and I was lost with all the duplicated files.

I will download one more time the RINEX files from the Reach M2 and do the processing. I let you know when it’s already done.

Ok the Log file weight 0MB

Hi Fabian,

Please send us the Full system report from the device to support@emlid.com. We’ll look into it further.