Drone newbie question

From what I understand, typically one mounts a M+ to their drone to obtain sub cm GNSS accuracy using drone mapping software etc.

I guess without it, you’re just relying on typical GPS accuracy such as maybe within 5m or so (like a iPhone/Android phone), depending on the model of the drone of course.

If I were to purchase a RS2 (as a base and probably another for ROVER RTK work), would it be better to wait for a future version of the M+ for a drone that has multi-frequency capability like the RS2? (Maybe it would be called M2 as a wild guess?)
Would this open up the possiblility of RTK using the drone (with RS2 Base) versus PPK later?
I know I can just as well get a M+ and a RS2, but I am guessing it would better to get a multi-freq solution for the drone as I am no hurry.

Just curious as all, as again a complete newbie to drones, PPK etc. I use (2) RS receivers currently for RTK and works just fine for my purpose, but I may have the need for drone work soon and yet another thing to learn… which is fine. ; )

Thanks guys!

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Emlid has been quiet on the multi-frequency Reach M+ but we gotta know its coming… If it were me I would purchase two RS2s and for the price of the M+ get that too. Most of the time I have a solid fix when up in the sky with the single frequency as is. Use the RS2s for base and GCPs/Checkpoints.

The only time I have issues with the M+ during flight is when I incorrectly startup and/or not let log for sufficient time before launching. Laying GCPs I can do without especially on 1,000 acre plus sites, smaller sites not bad at all and can generally get done in the time it takes me to PPK. But honestly the only time I have issues with the single frequency RS units are points near buildings and trees. To account for this I just don’t put a GCP under a tree…

In short, I think two RS2s would extend your current capacities for RTK moreso than an improvement in fix between a single-frequency Reach M+ over an assumed multi-frequency release for the drone. Either way the Reach M+ is dirt cheap for what it gives you IMO.


If we knew when the new m+ was coming I would definitely wait for it. By using the current m+ you are basically negating the multi frequency of the rs2 because your corrections will be based on L1. That being said I would still not trust a survey to consistently have a solid rtk fix. I guess with the emlid though the nice thing would be that you can still log and PPK if it does fail. This option is not available with the Phantom 4 rtk.


I should mention though that with the Phantom 4 rtk you can PPK if you want to use a Cors site after the fact. It’s the base that’s the problem. I am working with another company on the idea to using and emlet base with the Phantom 4 rtk for PPK. I know you’re not using the Phantom for rtk oh, it’s just some perspective on the current situation.


Good point! It’s not a huge loss if a new version came out a day later! ; )

Good points from both you…which I definitely consider pros. Thank you!

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You should be able to use Emlid as base setup over wifi and NTRIP broadcasting RTCM3 messages but I don’t own such a beast…

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Yeah, I’m just fine with my RS+ as a base and the M+ on the drone. In the environment I survey I will probably not try to RTK a drone anytime in the near future. Especially when I regularly get 1500-2000ft from home. I sure would like an RS2 set for surveying though…


Make that two! Oh yeah they have a built in 3g card which I need in my RS+ now…

I would love to RTK my flights. I am playing with SNIP and setting up own caster to send over wifi even for non-drone work just for ease of setup and connecting. I have a lot of trees and terrain so helps eliminate a need for line of sight. Some of my workers are afraid of LoRa and all the settings…


I’d love to hear about the integration of the DJI Phantom4 RTK with a Reach RS2 as an RTK base in lieu of DJI’s proprietary D-RTK2 base.
If the Phantom can accept NTRIP signal perhaps RTK is possible?

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