Drone motor and esc setup to navio+

Hi guys,This is my first build so I’m having a hard time figuring things out. Im building an octocopter and found this motor setup at Arducopter docs.
So the numbering in the picture should be parallel to where I should put my ESC’s wire to the Navio+ RC output servo rail? So motor 1 CW ESC’s central wire to Navio+ servo rail labeled 1? and so on?

Also Im using this ESC which has no build-in BEC. Connecting the central wire of the 8 ESCs to the RC output will have no problem right? All I need now is BEC that will provide power to the servo rail is that correct? thanks guys.

Correct, motor #1 goes to #1 on the rail and so forth. This may sound stupid, but make sure you use the correct diagram for wiring. The photo you have is the + format, which is different from the “regular” octo. Also, you’re correct on the wiring. The Navio has zero power on the rail aside from signal when there’s no BEC connected.

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