Drone Live Controller for Android


I’m searching a Drone live controller for navio as Android App like AR Drone’s android app
Is there the visual controller made by EMILD for Navio Drone?
I Can’t find visual controller except Hardware controller for Ardupilot that navio use.
Please let me know the way to access releted example code.
it’s hard to find it for me.


You can use Droidplanner (Tower). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.droidplanner.android

Thanks for reply.
Tower has no virtual joystick feature. - for example: left pad (attitude control), right pad (pitch, roll) -
Do you have idea about this?

Andropilot is a good alternative to Tower that has a virtual joystick control feature.

More info here:

Thank you for reply.

I’ve tested andropilot as virtual joystick. however I could’nt send any commands to Drone but receive data is OK. (even thouth can’t change flight mode)
Does Radio Module be required in that andropilot app in order to control drone by virtual joystick?

In Short, I’d like to control my drone with Navio by using virtual joystick…
Do U have any idea ?

Thanks in advance

Reply it my self,
Use Ardupilot code that is provided by Navio’s github. then It’s Working!