Drone is not flying stable

Hello people

We are making a project at the university where we want to make an autonomous drone. Currently we’re experimenting with the ardupilot software but we cannot make the drone fly stable. We assume that something is wrong with the barometer because the altitude is varies between +1 and -1m.

I wanted to ask if someone has some experience with DIY drones and could help me via discord for example.



Hi Mathias

Baro need to be protected by soft foam (wind and solar light) to work “accurately”. Baro is also altered by vibrations and temperature change.

±1m accuracy is common. When flying close to the ground, it could be critical, over 10 meters it is less a problem.

If you need to stay put close to the ground, Range finder is to consider (Benewake TF mini is quite good at it).


Hi Mathias,

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I agree with Marc. First of all, please make sure the barometer is covered by foam.

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Hi Mattheus,

We had a similar issue using ardupilot firmware, what fixed it was following the tuning guide: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html

This will prevent excessive oscillations in roll and pitch if done correctly, by reducing PID aggressiveness.

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