Drone flew away when notebook battery died and stoped base corrections

Hello everyone!

I was doing an RTK test in a simple flight, when the battery from my notebook died. It went off and turned off the base corrections. The aircraft flew away. Is there a failsafe implemented for this situation?

My config:

Base unit connected through Ethernet via USB to a notebook with Mission Planner, sending corrections through telemetry link.
Rover unit in a quad with pixhawk. NO second GPS!

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Hello Enio
Oh man… did you find it?

Do you have the telemety log from Mission Planner?
With that you can check the last GPS status of your quad.

The thing is Emlid recommend to use reach just as a secondary GPS unit. Maybe the regular GPS could have acted as your failfsafe.


Hey Patrickh,

Yeah, I got a hold of it in AltHold before I lose it, and brought it back.

The thing is, when you use dual GPS Pixhawk chooses the highest Nsat GPS. It would not be a real improvement spending money on a precision GPS if you could not use it all the time, right? :smiley:

Anyway, just wanted to propose a security for this specific situation! Have a good day!

This is actually not true, see here:

All right, thanks!