Drone armed, 2 of the motors wont work


Yesterday I finished the assembly of my first drone based on navio2 and RP3+.
Although I was able to arm the drone, I got a message telling me Motors 2 and 4 do not run.

1.  All of the mandatory calibrations have been done on MP. 
2.  I checked all of the ESC-motor combos via connecting to only remote controller one by one. - All works with no problem.
3.  ESC calibrations done.

So in the Motor Test Section of MP, 2 of the motors were not able to spin. I swapped the motors from a working pin to non working pin. The non working motors started to spin so I found out that “it could have been from Navio pin. There might have been problem with signal.”

I connected my multimeter to one of the working pins and non-working pins. There was a difference in Voltage and Ampere values. Photos:

As I mechanical engineer, I am very new to Drones and electronics, sorry If I used bad language.
Any help appreciated,

Hi Kramaz,

Thanks for the description!

Could you please specify how you power your Navio2? Do I understand correctly that if you connect the motors to any other pins, everything is working as expected?

Thank you for your reply.
Mr. @kschoelpple adviced me to change the Frametype Configuration to see whether motors run or not.
What I found is that;

  • If the frametype is different from quad like octo,hexa —> 3 of the motors run.
  • When the frametype is selected quad —> 2 of the motors run.

I dont know why this happens, maybe reinstall the ardupilot? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Hello everyone,
just heard back and matter is now resolved.
…was a configuration problem which has been resolved after re-installing arducopter.


Hi Karl,

Thanks for letting us know the issue is solved!