Drive Ardurover via ROS. Which topics to drive?

I am trying to get my robot to drive via ROS (and mavros) using ardurover. What topics should I send commands to for:
Manual Mode

(I am just trying to send commands to move the motors, not any waypoint navigation)


  • Using Ardurover via mavros I can drive the robot via the groundstation on my laptop (so wiring is good and ardurover is good).
  • ROS is connected to Ardurover and I can see topics published with data.
  • ardurover -v
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2. (intern: 2)

Hi @robodk,

Sorry for the late reply.

  • For arming and disarming, mavsafety topic is responsible. Usage example:

rosrun mavros mavsafety arm

  • You can set the manual mode using mavsys command:

rosrun mavros mavsys mode -c 0

Supported custom modes listed at mavros/CustomModes.

  • To change steer/throttle parameters, I believe you need the setpoint_attitude topic.

You can learn more info from the ArduPilot and ROS docs.

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