[DRIFT]NMEA output diff from web view solution

hi All,

my problem is the position output in NMEA format is different from the solution shown on web view .Miles away.

firstly I setup two reach rtk module and can get RTK FIX correctly.
On the rover side, the web view shows the position result, which is fixed and correct. then enable the position output mode to UART(MFD2), NMEA format, 57600. and connect the UART to my PC. On my PC side, I use screen to view the incoming msgs. The msgs are clear but the problem is the results are different from the one in web view.

msg from UART like


so the position is 30.075678, 120,424256,

but on the web view I saw the solution is like 30.12XXXX, 120.47XXXX, it’s about ten miles away.

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There are different ways on how to write same position:
30°07’34.1"N 120°42’25.5"E is the same as 30.126131, 120.707094

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Hi ivereninov,

thx for your quick reply, I think I just get your point and would have a try today.

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